Welcome to my Write from the Heart blog! My intention is to create a space for exploring the vast reaches of the heart– the musings and wonderings that open us to create a deeper and richer life. And to invite you to do the same.

After the sudden death of my beloved husband Randy in 2012, my heart was broken open. Smashed. Crushed to dust. Burned beyond recognition. And yet … from the earliest moments in my grief journey, I sensed a divine invitation to pay attention to my life like never before. In the chaos and confusion of my broken heart, I somehow knew that if I didn’t pay attention in the aftermath of such a life-altering event, I would miss lessons that might yield some Good from something so Awful. This invitation to pay attention is one that I initially wanted to Return To Sender — immediately. All I wanted to do was to run the opposite direction, crawl under a rock and NOT pay attention to the reality of a life without my soul mate. With the first frightened, reluctant heart-opening cracks that I could muster, I began to notice things — all around me and in me — that surprised me and took my breath away. And very slowly, as I tripped and blundered my way along this unwanted path, beauty emerged from the scorched ashes of my life.

And so, I invite you to pay attention to your life – no matter where you are in your life now. Let’s see where it takes us!Spiral Fern from Shutterstock

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