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I See You!

In his Book of Awakening, author Mark Nepo shares a beautiful, centuries-old custom of African Bushmen. When a person becomes aware of the presence of another, she or he exclaims, “I See You!” and the other replies, “I am Here!”

Today’s word for reflection is: SEE.

On the surface this seems to be a very simple greeting. Until you really consider it.

We’ve all been in the presence of someone who may be looking at us, but who does not really see us — whether in our pain or in our joy. And, we’ve all also taken up physical space somewhere without fully being present.

Think of the last time that someone was completely present for you; listening deeply to what you were saying. Or, when, during a phone conversation or an email, someone utterly validated the words you expressed. Honored them. Took them in. Think of that that made you feel.

What an opportunity we have! To beautifully enhance the life of another by fully seeing them.

Nepo ends this devotional with these oh-so-wise words:

“As far back as we can remember, people of the oldest tribes, unencumbered by civilization, have been rejoicing in being on earth together. Not only can we do this for each other, it is essential. For as stars need open space to be seen, as waves need shore to crest, as dew needs grass to soak into, our vitality depends on how we exclaim and rejoice, “I See You!” and “I am Here!”

Today, I am encouraged and challenged to see, completely, the people and things around me; and in so doing, enhance their ability to fully inhabit the truth of their lives.

I SEE You!